M.Y. China, Beautifully Photographed

M.Y. China now has some gorgeous new photos, shot by Rien van Rijthoven. BCV has worked with him on past projects with consistently amazing results. Take a look below, and enjoy the updated M.Y. China page on bcvarch.com.

Located adjacent to the grand historic dome in San Francisco’s Westfield Center, M.Y. China’s brand aesthetic riffs on patterns, textures, and materials found in China, re-interpreted to resonate with the sophisticated modern American public.  A clean lined porcelain tile façade cut with richly toned fumed eucalyptus wood panels sits below sweeping laser cut back-illuminated steel panels, forming an iconic pattern for this first iteration of the M.Y. China brand.  An expansive Exhibition Kitchen is the backdrop to this striking restaurant, while the circular “Bell Bar” is the dramatic counterpoint to the introspective, atmospheric “Temple Room” dining.

Any reproduction or use of these images without consent is   strictly prohibited.

13025072  Main Dining3 Bar Dining 4 Cooking and Bar Dining 5 Noodle, Dim Sum Dining 6 Main Dining View to Bell Bar 7 Bell Bar 8 Main Dining View to Temple Room 9 Temple Room 10 Detail of Temple Room 11 Unisex Restroom 12 Detail of Restroom 13 Detail at Gallery1302501