Former S.F. Mayor Willie Brown’s Take On M.Y. China

MY China 1

A contributor to Inside Scoop SF, Mr. Brown recently reviewed M.Y. China, one of BCV’s latest completed projects.

Here is a excerpt in which he discussed the design, we have to agree with him on the impact the kitchen has while dining in the space, it is truly one of a kind!
“This one not only has Chinese food but also Chinese decor. The bar is clearly a focal point at the entrance, as it features what appears to be an ancient bell the size of a Volkswagon hanging over the center of the bar. Then throughout the restaurant you have dynasty period pieces; 18 different dynasties are on display. Dynasties are indistinguishable to those of us that didn’t follow those time period, but they are gorgeous nonetheless.

The most beautiful part of the restaurant is the display of the kitchen behind glass where you can observe all of the cooking actions and have zero exposure to the smell, unlike the Benihana’s odor. There’s a station where display noodle-making takes place, showing the culinary skills of the people who do it. Just that physical experience is worth a visit, but then the food is good, too — it’s mostly small plates size, allowing for multiple tasting experiences by every diner.”

Below is a PDF of the article, or check it out online  here.

InsideScoop SF 1.23.2013

Photo courtesy of The Chronicle.