M.Y. China Preview Party

M.Y. China hosted a preview event for an international group last Friday, giving attendees a taste of what restaurant goers will experience once open on December 3rd. Martin Yan, owner and head chef,  lead the tour and enthusiastically demonstrated all his new restaurant has to offer. Members of CCTV, as well as local press were able to try a few signature cocktails, watch some expert noodle pulling, and indulge in featured dishes from the menu.

The design was an integral aspect of this experience, as the layout and details allow one to be richly immersed in the spatial and cultural influences that inspired Martin’s new restaurant.  BCV’s Chris von Eckartsberg is the principal architect for the restaurant, and has this to say about the design:

“Martin is the personification of a blending of deep rooted Chinese heritage with an understanding of contemporary America, as he has two homes, an initial one in Guangzhou China, and a long time home in the hills outside San Francisco. The architectural aesthetic is expressive of this Chinese American “blend”. Eschewing the cliché of traditional “symbols” of old China, the design is a modern expression which riffs on patterns, textures, and materials found in China, but in a way that will resonate with the modern American customer.”

As the restaurant nears completion, we will post more on the design’s genesis and evolution. For now here are a few glimpses of the mentioned patterns, textures, and influences found throughout M.Y. China.